Womxn Mentoring Whiting

at Johns Hopkins University


The mission of Womxn Mentoring Whiting is to:
1. Foster meaningful connections through mentorship among female engineers at all levels
2. Grow the sense of community among female engineers at JHU

The Program:

The aim is to create a tiered mentorship structure:

More Details

More Details:

Program Logistics

  • Pairs are matched based on common interests (i.e. major, career goals, hobbies, shared identities, etc)

Program Features

  • Mentorship training for mentors & mentees

  • Monthly program-wide events to encourage continual community engagement

  • Frequent mentor-mentee interactions to facilitate long-term relationships

Program Evalulation

  • Office Hours are held to address individual concerns and assist with relevant general topics (e.g. course registration, summer opportunities, etc.)

  • Pre/post program surveys

  • Mentor/mentee logs

Interested? Apply now!

We are currently in our 2021-2022 cohort! Please fill out the below form if you are interested in applying for next year:

(We may open applications again before the Spring 2022 semester. More information on that to come)

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